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The Essence of Quality


Nandan Exim Ltd. has introduced itself as a pioneering enterprise in the textile industry producing fabrics of different types. Whenever it comes about quality and credibility, our name is pronounced with great confidence. We have been engaged in manufacturing Textile Garments and Textile Home Furnishings using the latest technology and strictly adhering to the international standards in terms of quality. We have achieved an unparallel position among the leading fabrics and textile garments Suppliers in India.

The company has always extended its best effort to deliver the best products and services. The rigorous R&D, stringent quality policies and state-of-the-art technologies have been our potency since our inception. With clear focus and growth plans on the anvil, we have been able to extend the business to a broader arena. Today, we stand among the globally reckoned Blended Fabrics Exporters and our business is extended to Europe, USA, Morocco, Egypt, Syria, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Latin America and so on.


 Cotton is the chief traditional present to give your spouse on a 2nd wedding anniversary. It represents endurance and flexibility-two important attributes in a marriage. It is a very easy year to shop for with a variety of creative ideas. This is the ideal anniversary to give clothes, neckwear or cotton gifts for the family.

One hint that comes to mind is a cotton candy motif photoshoot. This will help you bear in mind specific bits in your life together. You cannot have so many photos. A splashy and fun photoshoot is the best way to c0mmemorate two incredible years.

 Another opinion is a cotton lace hammock if you have space to set it up, it would be a perfect place to relax together. Clear lack of trees in your backyard might prevent a hammock. Don’t purchase the kind of hammock with spacer bars because it is too easy to fall apart when you and your partner are snuggling. Alternatively, the type of hammock without spacer bars will enclose you like cocoon. This is the best 2nd anniversary gift a pair can give to themselves because they easily conform two people and can also be used for cuddling, snoozing and reading. They come in a beautiful collection of different color choices.

 Marriage gets better with time. Less butterflies and over the top romance like in the start, those feelings give way to an association, closeness and bondage. Two years of marriage is genuine. Dish towels might not seem to be a fantastic gift but I guess, you clean, I’ll dry dish towel sett is an ideal reminder that anything can be pleasant if you’re doing it with your spouse.

Cotton tablecloths, serviettes, placemats and sneakers can be a nice gift. Select colors that correspond with your home. If your husband loves barbecue then why not get him an embodied cotton apron that he can wear in the farm, at the grill or in the kitchen. You can also embody your apron with “Mr. and Mrs.” Make sure you make a tasty anniversary dinner to present on the new table dressing when you are prepared to present the gift.

There is no better method to snuggle up on a morning than in a fluffy bathrobe. Why not take your fella to an epicurean Turkish cotton robe? Cuddle with your partner in matching monogrammed terrycloth robes and falsely claim that you just started once again. Or, you could reach for vast terry cloth towels that males love to enfold around their waist after they are out of shower. Slippers can also be given as a gift and turn your own bathroom into a resort with candles, cucumber for the eyes, bath fizz, and your preferred bath scrub.

If you have time, you could get a handful of spools of various colors cotton and uncoil them around a glass jar until it’s fully covered in order for him to use it as a temporary pen holder on his table at work.

 This list is not exhaustive but it is a great place to begin your source.