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Denim Fabrics

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Denim FabricsThe Denim Fabrics of our company is regarded for its premium quality. The composition of these fabrics consists of 100% cotton, cotton spandex, cotton poly, cotton poly spandex, cotton modal, cotton tencel etc. The Stretch Denim Fabric of our company is very popular for the comfort that one gets while wearing it. With stunning colors, these cotton fabrics are popular among the people of all ages. We stand top among the Stretch Denim Fabric Manufacturers in India. We are also among the major Suppliers of Denim Fabrics.

State of the Art Machinery / Processes
  • Capacity : 30 Million Mtr per Annum

  • Weaving : 148 Airjet Looms –toyoda & Tsudakoma (japan)

  • Slasher Dyeing : Sucker Muller (germany)

  • Finishing : Wet Finish - Morrison (usa) & Foam Finish – Monsfort (germany)

  • Wide Range of Products Including Ring Slub, Croshatch, Basic, Stripes, Herringbone, Fil-a-fil, Silky.
  • Composition : 100% Cotton, Cotton Spandex, Cotton Poly, Cotton Poly Spandex, Cotton Modal, Cotton Tencel etc.

  • Weight Range from 4.50 Oz to 15 Oz
  • Exporting to Brands like C&a, Ucb, Jc Penney, Pvh, George, Walmart, Tesco

  • Destination : Portugal, Greece, Morocco, Egypt, Turkey, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Syria, Venezuala, Guatemala, Panama, Pakistan, Thialand, Peru, Dubai, Costa Rica and Many More Destinations.